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Mental health centre

Why Don’t People Use Mental Health Services in India?

Mental health is a growing concern in high-income countries, but has long been neglected in development work. That is now slowly beginning to change as we increasingly recognise the links ...
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Shows Professor Heidi Larson, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

A Conversation About the Current State of Vaccines with Heidi Larson

Heidi J. Larson, PhD, is Director of the Vaccine Confidence Project at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, where she is a Professor of Anthropology, Risk and Decision ...
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Research project

How a naïve e-mail got me into a PhD programme

Imagine… As a freshly minted Bachelors student in Dutch and German languages and cultures, you move from Belgium to the Netherlands to complete your Masters programme in Linguistics. You socialise ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Jasmine Burton

Our first Alumni Spotlight focuses on Jasmine Burton, a Rotary Global Scholar who graduated from LSHTM with an MSc in Public Health. Jasmine founded  Wish for WASH, LLC, (W4W) a social ...
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girls' education

Global Campaigns for Gender Equality in Education: Whose Voices?

Malala Day is an occasion to celebrate an inspiring campaigner for gender equality and girls' education. Of course this issue has gained support in development circles in the last few ...
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Fieldwork’s Unspoken Challenge: Reverse Culture Shock

Fieldwork comes with the territory in the international development profession. Some LIDC members have been working and living around the world for most of their lives. Others may have set off on their first foray into ...
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Women picking tea leaves from tea bushes

A report from Agriculture, Nutrition and Health Academy Week

The Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health (LCIRAH) is an interdisciplinary research group that represents four University of London colleges: London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine ...
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Making a Case for Project Managers on Research Grants

This year alone UK Research and Innovation (formally Research Councils UK) is operating with a combined budget of £6 billion[i]. However, dedicated Project Managers on research grants are still seen ...
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Do Low-Cost Private Schools Really Deliver High-Quality Education in Lagos, Nigeria?

SDG 4 outlines a vision for free quality schooling, but it is a challenging goal to achieve given the continued growth of private schools across the globe. EQUIPPPS believes that ...
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