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Val Curtis: In Memoriam

Professor Val Curtis passed away on Monday 19 October 2020. She was the Director of the Environmental Health Group at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. And so ...
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LIDC member colleges: Bringing Black history to the forefront

History is not neutral. Black Brits experience that their history  is often overlooked, forgotten or ignored. The contributions of Britain’s black population often do not attract the attention and credit ...
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Meet LIDC’s member number 5,000

LIDC is proud to announce that we have now reached 5,000 members. We are delighted that so many have signed up to become a part of our diverse, dynamic and ...
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Nairobi’s cool waters: A river of resistance  

Nairobi River defines Nairobi City. Its Maasai name, “enkare nairobi”– meaning cool waters – has given Nairobi its name. People who live nearby depend on the river for farming and ...
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The donkey skins trade – a public health hazard and threat to livelihoods

Live donkeys, their skins and associated products cross borders without any surveillance, potentially carrying dangerous pathogens from country to country. Sounds all too familiar? Indeed – the Covid-19 epidemic started ...
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