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About Us

LIDC is a membership organisation that represents over 4,100 staff, students and alumni from our core members: the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Royal Veterinary College, SOAS University of London, UCL Institute of Education and our associate members: City, University of London, Birkbeck Geography Department and Queen Mary University of London. Our members work across all aspects of global development.

Our Mission

We harness the expertise of our members to provide ‘new knowledge’ solutions to the complex challenges impacting the world’s most vulnerable citizens.

Our research is transformative, disruptive and world-leading. Our partnerships are equitable, durable and sustainable.

We accelerate the impact and reach of this work via our extensive and long-standing networks of partners from civil society organisations, governments and the commercial sector, to non-profits and the communities themselves.

Our objectives

  • To create opportunities and skills for interdisciplinary collaboration amongst academics and postgraduate  students and in the broader development community.
  • To facilitate development and funding of interdisciplinary research programmes which generate published research outputs of high international significance and impact.
  • To improve international development policy and practice by facilitating academic engagement with governments, civil society, the private sector and international organisations.
  • To facilitate the design and delivery of new learning and training activities which support interdisciplinary approaches to global development challenges.
  • To build effective and equitable international, interdisciplinary partnerships in research, training and related activities.

Our research

LIDC supports research in many countries across the world.

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