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LIDC Director leads Successful Funding Bid to address Antimicrobial pollution in the Nairobi River

LIDC's Director, Professor Claire Heffernan, has successfully led a bid for funding for a project to tackle livestock-derived antimicrobial pollution in the Nairobi River. The success of the bid was ...
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The donkey skins trade – a public health hazard and threat to livelihoods

Live donkeys, their skins and associated products cross borders without any surveillance, potentially carrying dangerous pathogens from country to country. Sounds all too familiar? Indeed – the Covid-19 epidemic started ...
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Vegetable market stall

Are our current food systems equipped to withstand shocks?

We are rapidly approaching the projected global population of 9.8 billion in 2050. As a result, we began debating the sustainability and effectiveness of current food systems, and strategising new ...
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How can rural Pakistani communities’ electricity needs be met?

Have you ever been without electricity for a day? For a week? For a month? How did you cope? 840 million people are still without access to electricity, with plenty ...
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Climate Change Education

How Can Climate Change Education Help Achieve Sustainable Development?

Human activity is rapidly causing permanent change to the Earth’s climate. However, improving education on climate change is an effective way to combat this issue. What is Climate Change Education ...
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Climate refugees: undefined and unprotected

As millions of people have to migrate because of the effects of climate change, their status remains uncertain. International Law does not address so-called ‘climate refugees’ or ‘climate migrants’, leaving ...
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climate change

We know climate change will impact food supplies: but what are the implications for those who produce it?

Child stunting and climate change: it’s about more than food Despite decades of attention and action, and notwithstanding significant progress in some places, almost a quarter of children aged under ...
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water-energy-food nexus

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A guiding light or a continuation of power relations?

Water is complex. It's defined as either an economic or social good, varies across time and space, and is increasingly scarce. As of 2015, 663 million people globally lacked access ...
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The Paradox of Plenty and Natural Resource-Driven Conflict

Factors such as the increasing competition over land and water, environmental degradation, demographic growth and climate change are arguably aggravating the situation. Broader processes such as social discrimination, inequality, political instability and corruption usually follow the ...
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Human Right to Water and Climate Change: Critically Examining Legal Frameworks in India

In May this year, the desert areas of the western Rajasthan reached nearly 50 degrees. Climate change is increasing temperatures and rainfall variability in the region. At 50 degrees, the ...
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