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The donkey skins trade – a public health hazard and threat to livelihoods

Live donkeys, their skins and associated products cross borders without any surveillance, potentially carrying dangerous pathogens from country to country. Sounds all too familiar? Indeed – the Covid-19 epidemic started ...
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Seeing is believing: What field work showed me of curable vision loss

People with dwindling eyesight often face a dark future. Children who can’t see letters and numbers lag behind in school. Workers without reading glasses are forced to give up their ...
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World Malaria Day: Covid-19’s wrecking ball on SDG 3?

A few years ago, it looked like the world was on track to stamp out malaria for good. Malaria cases and deaths fell fast in the first 15 years of ...
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With soaring rates of nutrient deficiency worldwide, there is an urgent need to improve the health outcomes of the world’s population through innovative and cost-effective means. MICRONUTRIENT DEFICIENCY Micronutrient malnutrition ...
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‘Decolonisation Dilemmas: Challenges for University Leadership’ with Dr. Max Price

On 26 May, we were delighted to host a special lecture with Max Price, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town (UCT) between 2008 - 2018. In his lecture, Max ...
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Growth Beyond GDP: Why Inclusive Growth Matters

The past few decades have been marked by rapid economic growth across countries globally. Living standards have improved remarkably and poverty has declined. Yet, if you ask the average person ...
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Naomi Bull, Research Fellow, Royal Veterinary College and Maasai

Medicines and the Maasai: studying antimicrobial resistance in the pastoralist communities of Kenya

In the field It was a warm, peaceful morning and I found myself in a small farmyard, perching on a plastic container, which had been repurposed as a stool. With ...
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Can People Who Identify on the LGBTQ+ Spectrum Join the #MeToo Movement?

In late 2017, #MeToo flooded social media platforms. Thousands of women courageously shared their experiences as victims of sexual harassment and assault. What's more, a range of people demanded that ...
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AMR Comic

Anyone Can Be A Superhero: Creating a Comic book on Antimicrobial Resistance with Students in India

A superhero comic book which educates students about antimicrobial resistance (AMR)? Researchers Sara Dada and Kiron Jones reflect on their project and the challenges of field research in India.   ...
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How Can an Understanding of Masculinity Help in Tackling the HIV Risk Faced by Both Men and Women?

How are women's HIV risk factors understood? It is now widely recognised by the United Nations, World Bank and other international organisations that women have been disproportionately affected by HIV/ ...
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