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AMR Comic

Anyone Can Be A Superhero: Creating a Comic book on Antimicrobial Resistance with Students in India

A superhero comic book which educates students about antimicrobial resistance (AMR)? Researchers Sara Dada and Kiron Jones reflect on their project and the challenges of field research in India.   ...
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How Can an Understanding of Masculinity Help in Tackling the HIV Risk Faced by Both Men and Women?

How are women's HIV risk factors understood? It is now widely recognised by the United Nations, World Bank and other international organisations that women have been disproportionately affected by HIV/ ...
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"Point of contact"

In 2016 LIDC held a photography competition called 'Lens on Development' . Photovoice, a participatory photography charity, judged the competition and announced the winner as Stephanie VandenBerg. Stephanie has written a blog ...
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Human Trafficking in the Wake of Natural Disaster: Exploring a Clandestine Phenomenon

Human Trafficking in the Wake of Natural Disaster Fears about human trafficking following natural disasters form a regularly-heard refrain, with politicians, aid workers or the media warning that affected populations ...
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Sex Trafficking from Nigeria to Italy: A Complex and Vicious Cycle

In two years, over 12,000 young girls and women reached Italy from Nigeria. These women were victims of modern day slavery. The history of trafficking between these two countries is ...
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