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Five Inspirational People Shaping Humanitarian Research

On 19th of August, World Humanitarian Day recognises humanitarian workers and those who have given their lives to humanitarian causes worldwide. To mark this occasion, we have decided to highlight ...
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Climate refugees: undefined and unprotected

As millions of people have to migrate because of the effects of climate change, their status remains uncertain. International Law does not address so-called ‘climate refugees’ or ‘climate migrants’, leaving ...
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A makeshift refugee camp in Greece

What Does It Mean to Be a Humanitarian? Reflections from my Work in Greek Refugee Camps

What does it mean to be a humanitarian? King's College London Department of International Development alumnus, Zihan Jin, reflects on his work in Greek refugee camps and how it inspired ...
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What are the Oral Health Problems Faced by Refugees in Europe?

Faced with war, persecution and poverty; millions of ordinary people have left their homes, families and livelihoods for a dangerous and perilous journey towards the West in hope of a better ...
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In the Clutches of a Long-Standing Genocide: Pakistan's Hazara Community

In the early Sunday morning of 1996, my tiny excited-self sprang out of bed. Minutes later: “Ready?” My dad glanced to check whether I had layered up adequately in the ...
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Human Trafficking in the Wake of Natural Disaster: Exploring a Clandestine Phenomenon

Human Trafficking in the Wake of Natural Disaster Fears about human trafficking following natural disasters form a regularly-heard refrain, with politicians, aid workers or the media warning that affected populations ...
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Sex Trafficking from Nigeria to Italy: A Complex and Vicious Cycle

In two years, over 12,000 young girls and women reached Italy from Nigeria. These women were victims of modern day slavery. The history of trafficking between these two countries is ...
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