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Rohingya Refugees Cox's Bazar

Creating a Floating Island Home for the Rohingya

Bangladesh is roughly the same size as New York, but has more than eight times the population. What's more, one in four of its citizens live below the poverty line. ...
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A makeshift refugee camp in Greece

What Does It Mean to Be a Humanitarian? Reflections from my Work in Greek Refugee Camps

What does it mean to be a humanitarian? King's College London Department of International Development alumnus, Zihan Jin, reflects on his work in Greek refugee camps and how it inspired ...
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Terminology and the challenges of categorisation: The Emerging Economies

What defines an Emerging Economy? The use of the term ‘emerging economies’ might lead to various implications: -Economies are considered emerging on account of their recent fast economic growth such ...
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Where the Truth Lies: Teachers and the Media in Mexico

Fake news! The label being pinned on outraged accusations and screamed daily via Twitter is not a new phenomenon, the media has been a propaganda tool since there were newspapers ...
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Recent Graduate: My Experience of Working Against Human Trafficking in India

Working against human trafficking is demanding and the experiences are often emotionally draining. It exposes you to the rigours of development at the most challenging and intellectual levels, to many true, ugly ...
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‘Women’ and Water Inequality: Why We Need to Look Deeper into ‘Gender’ to Overcome Water Poverty

Gender and Development Approaches to Water Poverty The gendered nature of water poverty was brought to the world’s attention by feminist critiques of gender inequality in development and access to ...
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LIDC Careers Networking night

How Can I Get My First Job in International Development?

On Monday 30th January 2017 we held an  International Development careers and networking event with SOAS University. The event had a peer to peer focus with all speakers having graduated within the past ...
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Digital Transparency: Who can I trust in an age of digital fundraising?

In an age where digital fundraising is the norm, it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. What can be even more overwhelming is knowing who to trust. With the ...
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