Five Inspirational People Shaping Humanitarian Research

On 19th of August, World Humanitarian Day recognises humanitarian workers and those who have given their lives to humanitarian causes worldwide. To mark this occasion, we have decided to highlight ...
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Big Data

Big Data and Development: New opportunities and new threats

The term 'Big Data' refers to the troves of data that the world's population creates thanks to its ever growing use of electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones. ...
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Climate Change Education

How Can Climate Change Education Help Achieve Sustainable Development?

Human activity is rapidly causing permanent change to the Earth’s climate. However, improving education on climate change is an effective way to combat this issue. What is Climate Change Education ...
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stunting roundtable

Tackling the Rise of Childhood Stunting in Africa: High-level Parliamentary Roundtable

On 3 July, LIDC and the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Africa (APPG for Africa) jointly held a high-level parliamentary roundtable on tackling the rise of child stunting in Africa. The ...
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Short Course

Evaluation: From Innovation to Impact: Enrol in LIDC’s 2019 Short Course!

Impact evaluation is an increasingly important part of development projects and programmes, required by all major donors and widely used by development organisations (NGOs, international organisations etc.). This means a ...
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‘Decolonisation Dilemmas: Challenges for University Leadership’ with Dr. Max Price

On 26 May, we were delighted to host a special lecture with Max Price, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town (UCT) between 2008 - 2018. In his lecture, Max ...
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Climate refugees: undefined and unprotected

As millions of people have to migrate because of the effects of climate change, their status remains uncertain. International Law does not address so-called ‘climate refugees’ or ‘climate migrants’, leaving ...
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Resistance to change? Re-framing policy in the global fight against AMR

A challenge without borders A drug-resistant superbug can travel from one side of the globe to another in the time taken for an unwitting passenger to take an international flight. ...
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Become an NGO member of LIDC

Since our inception in 2008, LIDC has deeply valued its strong and fruitful relationships with non-government organisations around the world. As such, we are delighted to announce that non-government organisations ...
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Why the Current Conflict in Libya Needs Attention

It is no secret that the North African state of Libya has faced immense instability in recent years. Lately, there has been increasing concern that the new wave of conflict ...
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