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Lost in Lockdown: The impact of COVID-19 lockdowns on ‘deaf education’ in Low and Middle-Income countries

By Joanna Clark, Director of Deaf Child Worldwide Of the few deaf children who make it to school, many drop out early.  Very few make it to secondary school,  let ...
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Should Sustainability Sciences be ‘Decolonised’?

Lyla Mehta, Principal Investigator, TAPESTRY project* The 18th-century German forester, Hans Carl von Carlowitz  coined the term ‘sustainability’ in an environmental context to prescribe how forests should be managed on a ...
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Future Leaders podcast: Episode 5 – Frances Leach

We had a great time talking to Frances Leach, the dynamic young Media Officer with CAFOD - the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development. We caught up with Frances just as ...
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Inspiring Women: LIDC in conversation with Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE, Mayor of Freetown

LIDC recently had the opportunity to talk to the dynamic Yvonne Aki-Sawyerr OBE. She has received numerous plaudits for her work advocating for and empowering fellow Sierra Leoneans. In 2015, ...
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LIDC ‘Future Leaders’ Episode 3: Dr Somya Mallapudi

Listen to our latest 'Future Leaders' podcast here.   Meet Dr Somya Mallapudi. Somya is an individual member of LIDC, and  is currently based in Hyderabad, where she is pursuing ...
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How do we transform Science into Policy? Prof. Claire Heffernan speaks at India’s IPHG Conclave

How do we communicate messages about science in such as way that stakeholders and policy-makers are encouraged and empowered to engage more with scientific research? LIDC's Director, Professor Claire Heffernan ...
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