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Developing Dialogues through ‘WeValue InSitu’

27/11/2023 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

This event has ended. You can find a recording (edited by the Action Against Stunting Hub) here:


This is a hybrid event. It is open to all and is of particular interest to those involved in Global Development Practice and Research.  Attendance is free. Registration (below) is essential. 

Global work to bring about  justice, sustainability, and development suffers from a lack of understanding by researchers and officials (for example, district planners, investors, lawmakers, and environmentalists) about what the values are that matter most to local groups and communities. What would happen if local shared values could be stated, authenticated, and communicated? What tools would help communities, like remote villagers and city neighbourhood volunteers, produce a framework of statements so clear that they could be used as proto-indicators?

‘WeValue InSitu’ is a new method that takes local communities through a ‘crystallization’ process whereby their lived values are made more explicit through specially designed cycles of meaning-making dialogic activity. Within 90-150 minutes, the group can articulate the shared values of most importance to their lives and to organize them into a Framework, providing a Narrative to be used to introduce it to outsiders. This approach works with any communities of practice, drawing out their shared tacit knowledge and transposing it to explicit. It has been demonstrated in 15 countries, in contexts ranging from villages to multinational corporations to slums.

This rich, idiosyncratic data provides a group ‘portrait’, and several together can be synthesised to produce culturally shared Values representing themes of what is meaningful, worthwhile and valuable to people in a locality. These can be sufficiently concise to be used as indicators for input into localised decision-making tools, evaluation tools; ranking and rating proposals for local development or informing more acceptable design for plans. There will be time to ask questions and explore related ideas. This event is part-funded by the Office of Global Partnerships of Fudan University.

About out speaker

Marie Harder is a Distinguished Professor at Fudan University in China and a part-time pPofessor at the University of Brighton, UK. She is Co-Investigator on the UKRI GCRF Interdisciplinary Hub, “Action Against Stunting” and is theme lead in a  MOST-China project on urban climate change in China and Vienna. She is also a theme lead on a current UKRI project on Infrastructure investment in UK coastal towns – all of which use local shared values to inform them. Her initial training was in nuclear physics. Marie  has eight active doctorate researchers working on WeValue InSitu shared values research. Marie was the lead Coordinator of the EU research project ESDinds, which conceived the early WeValue concept, designed to help Civil Societies decide what they wanted to be evaluated more fairly through action research. She has written extensively on different developments and applications of WeValue.

About our host

Professor Claire Heffernan’s is Director of LIDC and Principle Investigator of the UKRI GCRF Action Against Stunting Hub. Her work at focuses on facilitating interdisciplinary research across LIDC’s University of London member institutions and INGO to addresses critical challenges in international development. Claire’s particular areas of expertise include the application of interdisciplinary research within the global development sphere and solutions-based research. Her research interests range from the impacts of climate change on food security, nutrition and health, to the behavioural drivers of resilience and adaption and the rise in antimicrobial resistance across the Global South. As  Principal Investigator of the Action Against Stunting Hub Claire is  responsible for delivering the overall deliverables of the Hub in partnership with the Co-PI and Central Hub team as well as leading the work of the Citizen Science component of the Hub.

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Please note that in-person spaces are limited. Those unable to obtain a place will be directed to the online registration link. 

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