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Lost expressions: how do I say depression in Chichewa?


  Words – they define us and help us to express how we feel. So what if there are no right words attached to a particular condition or experience? We can become lost and unable to clearly understand what we’re…

Mm Coup

Myanmar’s military coup risks plunging millions into poverty


    Millions of Myanmar’s residents have taken to the streets demanding the military stand down after the coup on 1 February. Anti-coup protests have been remarkably diverse. Protesters have come from every walk of life, ethnic group, and religion.…

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LIDC’S Lockdown Literature: seven books to get through the third lockdown


Discovering informative, fascinating and provocative reads has become a treasured pastime of mine during lockdown 3.0. We are living through a period of heightened anxiety, but also prevailing boredom and restlessness for many who are staying at home. Finding a…

Picture1 Nairobi River

Nairobi’s cool waters: A river of resistance  


Nairobi River defines Nairobi City. Its Maasai name, “enkare nairobi”– meaning cool waters – has given Nairobi its name. People who live nearby depend on the river for farming and for domestic, industrial and recreational activities. The quality of the…

Kenyan Woman Using Ther Donkys To Carry Heavy Jerry Cans Of Water Brooke

The donkey skins trade – a public health hazard and threat to livelihoods


Live donkeys, their skins and associated products cross borders without any surveillance, potentially carrying dangerous pathogens from country to country. Sounds all too familiar? Indeed – the Covid-19 epidemic started in a similar way. In 2019, an outbreak of equine…


Older people and the pandemic: India’s forgotten generation


  India is fast becoming a global hotspot for Covid-19. As of late June, the country had reached 456,000 cases. Only Russia, Brazil and the USA have reported more Covid-19 infections than India. Soldiers have been called in to manage…

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Private lending and debt risks of low-income developing countries


Low-income developing countries (LIDCs) are greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and sovereign debt has become a major concern. While the current situation is unprecedented, concerns about the potential for debt problems in LIDCs have been mounting in recent years.…

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Interventions gone wrong: Learning from the failures we didn’t see coming


About the author: Thokozile Munthali, Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer in the Government of Malawi. Thokozile was awarded a bursary to attend LIDC’s short course “Evaluation: From Innovation to Impact” in 2019.     No one wants a project to…

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Seeing is believing: What field work showed me of curable vision loss


People with dwindling eyesight often face a dark future. Children who can’t see letters and numbers lag behind in school. Workers without reading glasses are forced to give up their livelihoods prematurely. When a person with vision loss gets behind…

Women selling bananas

Zero chance for zero hunger?


  One of three living in chronic food insecurity. More than two million regularly relying on food handouts. During floods and droughts, this figure doubles. Last year, this was the harsh reality for Kenyans. In 2020 – a year that…

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