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Growth Beyond GDP: Why Inclusive Growth Matters


The past few decades have been marked by rapid economic growth across countries globally. Living standards have improved remarkably and poverty has declined. Yet, if you ask the average person living in a low-income country – “how’s life”, you are…

More people than ever have smartphones, but large divides in access persist across 11 emerging economies


As smartphone access increases in the emerging and developing world, more people are going online for the first time. This new access has brought with it a wealth of economic and educational opportunities. Mobile internet access has expanded prospects for…

Building Security and Development in an Uncertain World Requires Integrated Approaches – and Ideas


“We need to develop an unflinching ability to look at reality no matter the costs,” Rory Stewart, MP, told guests during his keynote at the sixth annual Conflict, Security and Development Conference at King’s College London. On 7-8 March, “Building…

Why is universal health coverage important to you?


Sunday 7 April is World Health Day, and this year’s theme is universal health coverage. We believe that it’s critical for everyone to be able to access high-quality, health care wherever and whenever they need it. To mark the day,…

Why did the latest El Niño event not change depression rates in affected communities of northern Peru?


Mental disorders are a big part of the global disease burden. They are also well-known for their strong association with environmental-related disasters. What’s more, ongoing climate change is expected to increase the frequency and magnitude of cyclical environmental events, such…

Rohingya Refugees Cox's Bazar

Creating a Floating Island Home for the Rohingya


Bangladesh is roughly the same size as New York, but has more than eight times the population. What’s more, one in four of its citizens live below the poverty line. This is not necessarily a country that you would expect…

Why is Water Scarcity Such a Problem in El Salvador?


In this day and age, we often assume that water should be globally accessible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. I was concerned to learn that El Salvador is currently facing significant water scarcity, which is defined as a lack…

Five Inspirational Women Shaping the Future of International Development


International Women’s Day is a golden opportunity to shine a light on women’s achievements in a range of domains and industries. We wanted to showcase five outstanding women from LIDC member institutions who have made a major impact in international…

Students and recent graduates from LIDC's member institutions at the Careers Networking Event hosted by LIDC & SOAS

How to Get a Career in International Development


On 16th January, LIDC and SOAS started the new year with a careers networking night. Attended by over 250 people, this event featured an interactive panel discussion and opportunities to network with early – mid-career development professionals. Our panellists were:…

Naomi Bull, Research Fellow, Royal Veterinary College and Maasai

Medicines and the Maasai: studying antimicrobial resistance in the pastoralist communities of Kenya


In the field It was a warm, peaceful morning and I found myself in a small farmyard, perching on a plastic container, which had been repurposed as a stool. With the help of a local translator, I was asking the…

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