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Programme Announced for LIDC Biennial Conference on Inequality on 27th April!


The full programme has been annouced for the LIDC Biennial Conference on Inequality on 27th April! The theme of this year’s  conference will be ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches to Inequality.’ The LIDC Conference, held every two years, offers its members a platform to discuss best practice in interdisciplinary…

LIDC Director, Professor Claire Heffernan

LIDC appoints new Director


The Management Group of the London International Development Centre (LIDC) is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Claire Heffernan as its new Director, who will take up the post from 1 June 2017. The LIDC facilitates interdisciplinary research and…

Dr Matti Kohonen, Private Sector Adviser at Christian Aid to Join the Panel for the LIDC & The Guardian Debate on Public Private Partnerships


On Monday 27th February 2017 the third debate of the LIDC & The Guardian Development Debate Series will take place discussing the theme of public private partnerships and asking ‘How effective are public private partnerships?’ We are pleased to announce that Dr Matti Kohonen, Principal Adviser (Private Sector)…

LIDC & The Guardian debate

Recording of the LIDC and The Guardian debate 'are slum free cities achievable?' now available online


On Tuesday 31st January 2017 the second debate of the LIDC & The Guardian new Development Debate Series took place discussing the theme of slums and asking- are slum free cities achievable? Bibi Van Der Zee, Editor of the The…

IIED Researcher Anna Walnycki to join the Panel for the LIDC & The Guardian Debate on Slums


On Tuesday 31st January 2017 the second debate of the LIDC & The Guardian upcoming Development Debate Series will take place discussing the theme of slums and asking ‘are slum free cities achievable?’ We would like to announce a change of panellist as Anna Walnycki,…

Call for Papers: Evidence Based Research for Policy Development in Global Education


The conference on evidence based research for policy development in global education, organised by the Development Education Research Centre within UCL-IOE and Global Education Network Europe, will be on 10th and 11th May 2017. If you would like to submit…

Workshop on Research and Practice in Gender and Development: Call for Papers


“Interrogating the Nexus of Alternative Knowledges, Evidence and Impact in GAD Research and Practice”This DSA and Centre for Global Development (CGD) workshop is being co-organised by Birkbeck’s Jasmine Gideon, Senior Lecturer in Development Studies. Elaine Unterhalter, Professor of Education and…

Save the Date! LIDC Biennial Conference 2017


Save the date! The LIDC Biennial Conference is coming up! Join us on Thursday 27th April for the third LIDC Biennal Conference, to celebrate our work to date and to look to the future. The theme of the conference will…

LIDC Partner 3ie Seeks an Editorial Assistant


LIDC partner organization 3ie, and the International Development Coordinating Group (IDCG) of the Campbell Collaboration, which is hosted at 3ie’s London Office, is looking for an Editorial Assistant. The assistant will report to the Managing Editor of the IDCG.  The…

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