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Open letter from LIDC Students and Alumni on the proposed cuts to international development research funding

March 26, 2021

“Research is not a disposable item, yet it is being treated like one.


Being a key global player is central to the UK’s post-Brexit policy agenda. Britain is currently at the forefront of efforts to tackle societal challenges via its worldwide research. This includes the Action Against Stunting Hub, which is hosted by the London International Development Centre. Covid-19 has now heightened populations’ vulnerabilities, showing more than ever the exacerbated need for international research partnerships tackling today’s most pressing issues.


The UK Government’s recent actions regarding research funding are in stark contrast to its global rhetoric. This has left the research community saddened and distressed. Many crucial projects to solve intractable global problems – and years of work building international community relationships of trust –are now in jeopardy.


UKRI-funded research underpins our courses and the lectures we attend weekly on urgent global challenges, including health, poverty, migration and gender, sexuality and racial equalities. The research we hear about from our tutors is both integral and fascinating, and we must support our lecturers in allowing their work to continue.


The changes are also disheartening for many of us who are seeking to pursue a career in international development research. In a period of national and international turmoil, it is worrying the government took a decision that places the professional development of our cohort of new global researchers in peril.


LIDC is appealing for students’ support to ask the UK government to immediately rethink and reverse these drastic ‘quick fix’ cuts.


United, we can raise our voice against a move that would inhibit the reach and effectiveness of the research community the UK takes so much pride in, and that many of us want to be a part of. United, we can protest a derailing of the research we need to solve global problems that once seemed unsolvable.



Gunn Benjaminsen, MA International Relations, City, University of London

Jenny Oster Warriner,  MA Global Development, Queen Mary

Alessia Gasco, MA Birkbeck

Deniz Demirag, MSc Environment, Politics and Development, SOAS

Rebecca van Pelt, MSc Public Health, LSHTM

Lorraine Chapot, MSc One Health, Royal Veterinary College

Sofia Papatheofilou, MA in Children Youth and International Development in Brunel University

Diana Solitro, MA Global&International Education, CCCU

Oliver Hurst, BSc Geography with Business Management, QMUL

Yamika Ketu, MSc Economics, SOAS

Reema Kotecha, MSc Violence, Conflict and Development, SOAS

Ramona O’Dwyer-Stock, MSc Climate change & development, SOAS

Amanda Quintana, LSHTM/PhD

Annabelle Piot, BSc Social Sciences with Data Science, UCL

Rahab Nyawira, Brunel University MA in Children, Youth and International Development

Sebastian Gomez, UCL- MSc Development Administration and Planning

Rashmi Venkatraman, DrPH, LSHTM

Somya Mullapudi, Kasturba Medical College, MAHE

Said Mahathir, PhD Development Planning Unit

Nina Finley, MSc One Health, LSHTM and Royal Veterinary College

Evgenii Matrosov, PhD Engineering, UCL

Mohammed Wahajuddin Siddiqui, MS Economic Policy SOAS

Michelle Lee, MA Policy Studies in Education UCL

Ruixi Liu, MA Education and International Development, UCL

Paul Attenborough, PhD candidate SGIA, Durham University

Abdu osman Humadin, PhD International Development at SOAS

Mandy Poku, UG History, Queen Mary University of London

Jessica Myers, Msc One Health, RVC and LSHTM

Sara Ansari, MSc Development Economics, SOAS

Yong Hun Kim, MSc Economics, SOAS

Raza Rehman, MSc Development Economics, SOAS

Daniel Posch, MSc Political Economy, SOAS

Bradley Tyler, MSc Development Economics, SOAS

Celeste Ho, MSc International Finance, SOAS

Madhav Tipu Ramachandran, MSc Economics, SOAS

Azfar Bin Azizi, MSc Development Economics, SOAS

Ibrahim Tari, MSc Political Economy, SOAS

Camila Takayanagi, MSc globalisation and latin american development

Megan Turner, MA International Communications and Development, City, University of London

Angela Koranteng, MA Education, Gender and International Development, UCL

Emmanuel Olal, MSc Public Health for Development LSHTM

Karina Gosalia, Public Health

Duncan Reid, MSc Global Politics, Birkbeck

Emma Walton, MSc One Health, RVC and LSHTM

Tasha Bell, MSc Violence Conflict and Development, SOAS

Samantha Coleman, DrPH LSHTM

Elaine Ferreras Batista, MA Educational Planning, Economics and International Development, UCL IOE

Ritwika Deb, MSc. Social Development Practice, UCL

Humaira Mahmud, MA International Relations, QMUL

Olalere, Jimoh Alaba, PG Certificate in Applied Environmental Economics

Firas El Dib, PGDip International Development, Birkbeck

Emisela Metalia, BA History, QMUL

Adi John Walker, MSc UoL (Imperial College and SOAS)

Lilian Keller, MSc International Development, SOAS

Rebecca Tobi, LSHTM

Faye Watson, MSc One Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Lydia  Robert-Edia,  MSc. Information Systems Management, University of Salford.

Victoria Cavero, MSc Global Mental Health, KCL & LSHTM

Daniel Nyato, PhD Global Health, QMUL

Alison Mckinley, MSc Demography and Health, LSHTM

Mihail Mitov, MA International Politics, City

Alyson Passanante, MSc Violence, Conflict and Development, SOAS

Megan Burt, MSc Development Studies, SOAS

Christopher Turner, LSHTM

Jennifer Pollex, MSc Climate Change and Development, SOAS

Mini Ravi, MSc Violence, Conflict & Development, SOAS

Madelaine Johnston, LSHTM Public Health PGDiploma

Blossum Gilmour, MSc Public Health, LSHTM

Julius Norbert Achiula, SOAS

Samia Khatun, MSC Political Economy of Development, SOAS

Sophie Morgan, Arabic SOAS

I YUN LEE, MSc. Public Health, LSHTM

Aloisia Katsande, Lshtm PhD student

Oksana Kozak, MSc Violence, Conflict and Development, SOAS

Vian Rajabadeh,  PhD Global Mental Health, QMUL

Beccy Allen, MSc Development Studies, Birkbeck

Tim Malcomson, MA Education and International Development, IOE

Linlan Huang, PhD Environment, Development and Policy

Adi Walker, MSc Imperial College / SOAS

Megan Turner, MA International Communications and Development, City, University of London

Prashant Treebhoohun, MSc Social and Public Research (with systematic reviews), UCL

Samuel Ahadzie, MA Education and Technology, UCL

Amelie Friedsam,  Msc Control of Infectious Diseases

Gustavo Palocco Giraldes, MSc Development Studies, SOAS

Sue Erdinar, City University London, Psychology

Dr Timothy Musila, MSc (Health Policy, Planning & Financing), LSHTM-2003/04

Maria Garza, MSc One Health, RVC/LSHTM

Elaine Ferreras B, MA Educational Planning, Economics and International Development, UCL

Ana Teresa Saraiva Afonso, Msc Public Health at LSHTM

Denise Turley, MSc International Development, Birkbeck

Polly Compston, PhD student, Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics, Royal Veterinary College

Anagha Joshi,  LSHTM

Olalere, Jimoh Alaba  PG Certificate in Applied Environmental Economics

Kajal Vaghela  BA Human Geography, QMUL


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