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Why is migration still a hot topic, and what is the role of research?

August 30, 2018

This podcast explores why migration remains so divisive, and the role of interdisciplinary research in enhancing discussions around this topic.

More than 1 billion people are estimated to be migrants, living either inside or outside their country of birth. Since an influx of Syrian refugees arrived in Europe in 2015, the question of dealing with migrants and asylum seekers has dominated Western headlines. Although net migration in Europe has declined, anti-migration rhetoric persists and has provoked political instability in countries such as Germany and Spain.

This podcast explores why migration remains such a hot-button issue, and the work of the London International Development Centre Migration Leadership Team (MLT), formed by the UK Economic and Social Research Council and Arts and Humanities Research Council. The speakers are Professor Kavita Datta, Professor of Development Geography at Queen Mary University of London and co-Investigator on the MLT, and Jenny Allsopp, Postdoctoral Fellow on the MLT.


Development Matters is a podcast series produced by the London International Development Centre (LIDC), which explores current international development issues and related research through discussions with leading scholars from across the globe.  The podcasts are hosted by Sarah Hambly, Communications and Public Engagement Manager at LIDC.

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