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How can rural Pakistani communities’ electricity needs be met?

Have you ever been without electricity for a day? For a week? For a month? How did you cope? 840 million people are still without access to electricity, with plenty ...
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AMR Comic

Anyone Can Be A Superhero: Creating a Comic book on Antimicrobial Resistance with Students in India

A superhero comic book which educates students about antimicrobial resistance (AMR)? Researchers Sara Dada and Kiron Jones reflect on their project and the challenges of field research in India.   ...
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A makeshift refugee camp in Greece

What Does It Mean to Be a Humanitarian? Reflections from my Work in Greek Refugee Camps

What does it mean to be a humanitarian? King's College London Department of International Development alumnus, Zihan Jin, reflects on his work in Greek refugee camps and how it inspired ...
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Basic income

Basic Income in Kenya: Could it Transform Our Ideas of ‘Development’?

International Development - Paternalistic chaos? International development has been criticised for being paternalistic and dysfunctional. Development practitioners can be prone to deciding what communities need without consulting residents themselves. What's ...
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Bank Balances and Better Bureaucracy: Transitioning the informal economy in the developing world

The developing world struggles with many institutional barriers to formal business start-ups. In some countries, top heavy, overly bureaucratic and inefficient procedures are required before starting a formal business, and sometimes can take ...
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