LIDC members launch new research network on Public Private Partnerships

We are excited to announce that LIDC members have formed a new research network, Equalities in Public Private Partnerships (EQUIPPPS), led by LIDC member and Birkbeck Senior Lecturer Jasmine Gideon.

The network is coordinating and facilitating research on public private partnerships (PPPs) in education, health, housing and water, and has two research hubs in India and South Africa. By bringing together researchers from different organisations examining diverse aspects of PPPs, the network will identify and foster future research.

EQUIPPPS has recently launched its website, where more information about events, recent publications and a regular blog can be found. Recent publications have covered a range of issues from gendered analyses of PPPs to healthcare provision by PPPs. Upcoming events include a two day workshop on PPPs in mid-July with colleagues from India and South Africa presenting findings from literature reviews conducted in these contexts.

Members of the EQUIPPS group participated in the recent LIDC Biennial Conference, and the abstract from their session on Inequality, Financialisation and Systems of Provision can be viewed here.

For a further insight into PPPs, see our recording of the recent LIDC and The Guardian debate entitled ‘How Effective are Public Private Partnerships?’ which includes input from LIDC and EQUIPPPS members Dr. Elisa van Waeyenberge (SOAS) and Professor Elaine Unterhalter (UCL Institute of Education).