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Can People Who Identify on the LGBTQ+ Spectrum Join the #MeToo Movement?


In late 2017, #MeToo flooded social media platforms. Thousands of women courageously shared their experiences as victims of sexual harassment and assault. What’s more, a range of people demanded that perpetrators be made accountable for their actions and face the…

Our top 10 for 2018


2018 has been a momentous year for us at LIDC. In no particular order, here are our top 10 highlights of the past year! 1) Funding wins This year, LIDC won significant funding for its member institutions. High impact wins…

A Tragic Blessing: Developing Countries and the Resource Curse


Throughout history, the struggle for control of natural resources has triggered conflict across the world. Nowhere is this truer than in developing countries. It is rare that the populations of developing countries with abundant natural resources reap the benefits of…

Moments from our Development Debate ‘Has #MeToo Really Taken Off in International Development?’


On 11th December, 100+ staff, students and alumni of LIDC member institutions, as well as civil society representatives joined us in John Snow Lecture Theatre, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, to explore whether #MeToo has taken off in…

16 days of activism

Five Fantastic Ways You Can Support the 16 Days of Activism Campaign


A staggering 1 in 3 women globally will be victim to physical or sexual based violence in their lifetime. Violence against women cuts across social class, country and ethnicity. It is present in all societies, yet it is also preventable.…

Why migration bans and restrictions on recruitment of workers to the Gulf States is a bad idea


In 2017, the government of Ghana banned the recruitment of workers to the Gulf region. The ban was introduced due to widespread reports of abuse and exploitation of Ghanaian migrant workers in the region. The ban affects not only recruitment…

From Voices to Choices: Will people have more influence over aid?


Last week, we published our latest report – From Voices to Choices – which looks at: why it’s important for crisis-affected people to have influence over aid, what’s going on in the humanitarian sector that is preventing this, and how…

research fund

Why the Global Challenges Research Fund encourages development experts to think in creative new ways


A bit of background Poverty eradication has long been an area that has eluded the savviest of international development economists and experts. Despite massive increases in global wealth, millions of people around the world continue to live in absolute poverty.…

climate change

We know climate change will impact food supplies: but what are the implications for those who produce it?


Child stunting and climate change: it’s about more than food Despite decades of attention and action, and notwithstanding significant progress in some places, almost a quarter of children aged under 5 (155 million) are ‘stunted’ (low height for their age).…

Farai Mubaiwa

Alumni Spotlight: Farai Mubaiwa


This month’s Alumni Spotlight focuses on Farai Mubaiwa who graduated from King’s College London’s Department of International Development with an MSc in International Development. Farai co-founded Africa Matters, a youth-led organisation committed to empowering young Africans to change the narrative through…

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