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Equity in Disease Transmission Modelling

The overarching principle of the Sustainable Development Goals is to leave no one behind. This applies especially to health-- a fundamental right underpinning this agenda for change. Maximising health benefits ...
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Iris Hofmann

Interview with LIDC Centre Manager, Iris Hofmann

Last week, we were thrilled to interview LIDC's new Centre Manager, Iris Hofmann, who began her role in July. Iris discussed her previous academic research, professional experience in the private ...
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drug-resistant tuberculosis

A Breath of Fresh Air: Tackling drug-resistant tuberculosis in South Africa

Tuberculosis is often thought to be a relic of the past. Many people are surprised to learn Mycobacterium tuberculosis is one of the top ten causes of death worldwide. It ...
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aid workers

World Humanitarian Day: it’s time to break the silence on aid worker mental health

In 2017, nearly 140 aid and humanitarian workers were killed while helping those in need. This figure is up 30% from 2016, reflecting the heightened intensity and severity of violent ...
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Grassroots initiatives promoting literacy and literature in Luganda: A case study from Uganda

According to the Global Partnership for Education, East African country, Uganda's education system is hampered by problems including the inadequate availability of education materials and high rates of student and ...
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Basic income

Basic Income in Kenya: Could it Transform Our Ideas of ‘Development’?

International Development - Paternalistic chaos? International development has been criticised for being paternalistic and dysfunctional. Development practitioners can be prone to deciding what communities need without consulting residents themselves. What's ...
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Who is Research For? Feeding Back Research Findings in Sierra Leone

Grappling with Impact in Development Research Who and what is research for? This is not a new question for development scholars, but it has gained salience in British universities in ...
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Ebola outbreak response in Liberia

Militaries and Health Crises: Militarising Global Health?

The 2014 West African Ebola outbreak was a devastating event that killed over 11,300 people. It decimated entire communities, leaving the worst-affected countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – ...
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water-energy-food nexus

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus: A guiding light or a continuation of power relations?

Water is complex. It's defined as either an economic or social good, varies across time and space, and is increasingly scarce. As of 2015, 663 million people globally lacked access ...
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Why Don’t People Use Mental Health Services in India?

Mental health is a growing concern in high-income countries, but has long been neglected in development work. That is now slowly beginning to change as we increasingly recognise the links ...
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